Alexander Lychagin

Plumber, Blast Furnace No.7

After school, Alexander Lychagin enrolled in professional lyceum No. 21, choosing the speciality of Wiring electrician. His first experience at NLMK Alexander got in the production of hot-rolled steel, being a staff member of a contractor.

Alexander shares:

- The plant impressed me with the scale then, and I decided that I wanted to work here. However, at that time it was only a dream, at first I had to serve in the army.

In 2009, Alexander joined Centrremont and for about a year since he worked as a contracted mechanic at Blast Furnace №6 at Novolipetsk Steel. The experience and knowledge he obtained then helped him to get a job directly at Novolipetsk Steel in 2011 as a plumber of blast furnaces. Today he works as a sixth skill category plumber at one of the most modern and productive furnaces in the world - Blast Furnace No. 7. In 2016, Alexander received the Lipetsk State Technical University degree in Automotive Engineering.