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29 October 2019

Dmitry Sotnikov appointed NLMK Group Vice President for Investment Projects

NLMK Group, a global steel company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dmitry Sotnikov as NLMK Group Vice President for Investment Projects.

Konstantin Lagutin, NLMK Group’s previous VP for Investment Projects, has made the decision to step down from the position. He will stay on with the Company until the end of the year as Advisor to NLMK Group President and CEO.

Grigory Fedorishin, NLMK Group President and CEO, said:

“I would like to thank Konstantin Lagutin for his significant contribution to developing NLMK’s investment management process. He led the implementation and development of our project management system, and the execution of a number of NLMK’s strategic projects, including the construction of Stoilensky Pelletizing Plant. Ahead for Dmitry Sotnikov and his team is a large number of Strategy 2022 capex projects planned all over the world. I am convinced that Dmitry’s and NLMK professional team’s extensive and versatile experience will enable us to achieve our goals.”

Dmitry Sotnikov’s background

Prior to joining NLMK Group, Dmitry Sotnikov headed a development company that executed the construction of a business park in Moscow, a residential complex in Yekaterinburg, and a business center in Perm, among other large-scale projects. Prior to 2011 and for almost a decade, Dmitry held various investment and operational management positions at Evraz. He created a project management system at Evraz, and was directly involved in the execution of the Company’s largest steelmaking and mining projects. Dmitry’s last position held at Evraz was that of Vice President, Urals Business Division. Dmitry graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Faculty of Economics; Université Paris IX Dauphine; and New Economic School. He holds a Master’s Degree, Business Administration and Management, and a PhD in Economics.

About NLMK Group

NLMK Group is the largest steelmaker in Russia and one of the most efficient in the world.

NLMK Group’s steel products are used in various industries, from construction and machine building to the manufacturing of power-generation equipment and offshore wind turbines.

NLMK operates production facilities in Russia, Europe and the United States. The Company’s steel production capacity exceeds 17 million tonnes per year.

NLMK has a highly competitive cash cost among global manufacturers and one of the highest profitability levels in the industry. In 12M 2018, the Company generated $12 billion in revenue and $3.6 billion in EBITDA. Net debt/EBITDA stood at 0.25х. The Company has investment grade credit ratings from S&P, Moody’s, Fitch and Expert RA.

NLMK’s ordinary shares with a 18.6% free-float are traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange (ticker "NLMK") and its global depositary shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange (ticker "NLMK:LI"). The share capital of the Company is divided into 5,993,227,240 shares with a par value of RUB1. For more details on NLMK shareholder capital please follow the link.

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