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Environmental performance

  • Atmospheric protection
    Atmospheric protection
  • Sustainable management of water resources
    Sustainable management of water resources
  • High recycling rate
    High recycling rate
  • Energy efficient production
    Energy efficient production

NLMK Group is one of the most advanced steelmaking companies in the world in relation to the environment. NLMK is committed to consistent efforts to minimise its environmental impact and achieving best-in-class environmental performance.

About ₽ 37 bn
investments in environmental projects

NLMK Group has invested over $1.1 billion in environmental projects. Despite almost doubling production and becoming the largest steelmaker in Russia, NLMK was able to significantly reduce its environmental impact by introducing state-of-the-art technology and working hard to upgrade equipment.

NLMK Group environmental investment, 2001-2014, A total of $1,144 billion

NLMK Group companies have almost halved their emission rates and are now very close to the best available technology (BAT).

Lipetsk, home to 80% of NLMK Group’s production facilities, has been officially recognised as the least polluted regional capital within Russia’s Central Black Earth economic area and number one in the environmental friendliness listing for Russian cities with steelmaking as the mainstay of the economy. The integrated air pollution index in Lipetsk in 2014 was 3.4 which is considered to be low. This represents two thirds of the 2013 level and one tenth of the level 23 years ago when Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment began taking measurements.

Decrease in NLMK Group emissions (kg/t of steel), 2007-2018. Investment into environmental projects, mln USD

NLMK Group has reduced discharges into water down to less than 2% of the 2007 level, zeroing them altogether at most of the facilities. The Lipetsk site, which produces 80% of the Group’s output, as well as Altai-Koks, Stoilensky, NLMK Kaluga and VIZ-Steel, have deployed a closed loop water system, which means zero liquid discharge.

The Group consumes two and a half times less water compared to 2008, with the current per unit level of water consumption being 25% lower than the best available technology for vertically integrated steelmaking operations.

Decrease in NLMK Group waste water discharge (kg/t of steel), 2007-2014

Decrease in NLMK Group water consumption (m³/t of steel), 2007-2014

NLMK Group has a presence in a variety of mining and steelmaking businesses which produce different amounts of waste; from low levels in steelmaking and industrial minerals to high levels in iron mining.

NLMK companies now reuse much of their waste and the overall recycling rate now exceeds 90%. Production of solid industrial waste has been reduced by 23% since 2007.

In 2004 the Group’s main production site in Lipetsk stopped accumulating waste and took comprehensive measures to recycle; reducing the accumulated slag pile by almost 1 million tonnes in 2014. The Company plans to recycle all the waste that accumulated over the years by 2020.

Recycling by NLMK Group Russian sites in % of generated waste