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The status of NLMK's products under REACH

Between 2008 and 2009 the European Steel Association (Eurofer), with the support of steelmakers from across the world, including Russia, has put in comprehensive effort to prove the status of steel semi-finished products as "products" in the understanding of Article 3 of the REACH Regulation, which exempts their producers and importers from registration in accordance with requirements of the REACH Regulation . In September 2009, ECHA recognized the accuracy of such interpretation of steel semi-finished products .

Taking into account the position of the European Steel Association and the recommendations of the ECHA, NLMK products are classified as follows in the understanding of Article 3 of the REACH Regulation:

  • Pig iron (CAS № 65996-67-0, EINECS № 265-998-4) – substance;
  • Ammonium sulphate (CAS № 7783-20-2, ЕINEСS № 231-984-1) – substance;
  • Coal tar (CAS № 65996-89-6, EC № 266-024-0) – substance;
  • Slabs and all kinds of flat products - products;
  • Clay targets for trap shooting - products.