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Grigory Fedorishin

President of NLMK

NLMK transforms ideas and resources into steel products. We source ideas from our employees, customers and business partners. We are striving to control our resources, taking a safe and responsible approach to their recycling and re-use. We produce clean and durable steel which is used in thousands of applications that improve our everyday lives.

Adopted in April 2013, NLMK Group’s Strategy 2017 is aimed at unlocking the Company’s hidden potential. It has a modular structure and includes projects designed to improve the Group’s operating efficiency and business processes, as well as to increase self-sufficiency in strategic resources.

A combination of operating and investment initiatives will help us ensure sustainable development in a changing market environment.

Key elements of Strategy 2022:

  • Operating efficiency.
  • Development of low-cost steel production.
  • Development of low-cost steel production.
  • Sustainable development and safety.


Upon completion of Strategy 2017 NLMK Group entered a new stage of development aimed at improving its business efficiency. The next stage in the Company’s development covers a stretch till 2022.

Strategy 2017 goals

  • Output growth throughout the chain, equipment productivity boost without investment.
  • Improvement of operating efficiency and pursuit of best available technologies
  • Stronger integration into iron ore and growing steel production at NLMK Lipetsk.
  • Increased self-sufficiency and substitution of expensive raw materials: growth of captive electric power generation at NLMK Lipetsk, higher share of secondary fuel gas, reduced consumption of deficit coals for cokemaking.
  • Growing percentage of HVA product sales.
  • Enhanced operational safety and lower injury rate.
  • Minimizing environmental footprint: reduction of specific emissions per tonne of steel at NLMK Russia to the EU level of best available technologies.