Young professionals

NLMK aims to create favourable conditions for young workers to use theirs skills and promotes their career, helping them in addressing social issues.


are 30 or younger

Support for young professionals

NLMK has an active HR policy aimed at attracting prospective young workers from both colleges and universities and among those that have completed their service in the armed forces of Russia. Graduates of educational institutions, accepted no later than six months after their graduation and who have had internship at the plant receive "installation grant" depending on the level of professional education, as well as additional payments for three years.

Because of our HR policy, there has been a significant rejuvenation of the workforce due to the influx of young skilled workers, which later make up the professional staff of the enterprise, talent pool of managers and specialists.

NLMK’s youth programmes are aimed at effective adaptation of graduates to the working conditions at the plant. The process includes the basic trades’ workers, managers and professionals under the age of 30.

Key youth programmes

Young Leader of NLMK

Our employees under the age of 35 can participate in this competition, which is held annually. Each year, there are over 1,000 plant workers among the participants. The contest gives young employees opportunities to develop leadership skills and build their career in the Company.

Young Profession of NLMK

The programme is valid for the employees with higher education under the age of 30. Since the launch of the programme over 325 employees were awarded the title “Young Professional of NLMK”.

The Programme aims to find, develop and promote social and professional development of high potential young employees in the Company.

The work with young specialists is carried out in two stages:

Stage 1 (the first year of the Programme) is held at the School of Young Professionals and includes an introductory workshop, testing, mill tours, workshops, seminars, thematic meetings, lectures by key NLMK experts, sporting events, as well as the development of engineering project under the guidance of expert consultants.

School of Young Professionals consists of eight sections:

  • sinter, coke and blast furnace
  • steel making
  • rolling
  • electric power
  • mechanical engineering
  • automation of technological processes
  • transport
  • social and economic

The young professionals who achieved high results in Stage 1 of the Programme are awarded the title of “Best Young Professional of Novolipetsk Steel”, as well a lump sum reward payment, during the next year they are paid monthly bonuses, their photos are placed on banners around the plant.

Stage 2 (the second year of the Programme) is held in the structural unit and is aimed at professional development and advancement of employees under the direction of their immediate supervisor, who becomes their development mentor.

Housing for Young Steelmakers

Programme participants get the right to buy housing on favourable terms and with interest-free instalments for 15 years. This initiative's aim is to improve the social protection of workers and to strengthen personal motivation.