Selection process and motivation

A key competitive advantage NLMK enjoys is the Company’s highly qualified and motivated personnel, with extensive professional experience. The drivers maintaining the Company's leading position in the Russian and global steel industry include the development of human potential and labour productivity growth.

  • 157 mln RUB

    investment in personnel training 2015

  • 22%

    employees yonger than 30 

Labour productivity growth, t of steel/person

2010 308
2011 329
2012 406
2013 420
2014 437
2015 463
2016 482
Changes 2015/2014 +4%


The Company pursues an active HR policy aimed at attracting and retaining the most talented young employees, providing equitable salary increases, utilizing a range of different incentives, conducting large-scale professional training and staff development programmes, ensuring a safe working environment and improving social safeguards for employees.

The strategic goal of NLMK's active HR policy is to form a pool of employees capable of tackling the Company’s strategic business objectives.

NLMK’s HR policy is based on the principles of social partnership between employers and employees, their mutual responsibility for their performance results, ensuring safe working conditions, labour remuneration based on results achieved, providing equal opportunities for all employees, complying with social benefits and guarantees as well as implementing additional corporate social programmes.

By strictly adhering to these principles, NLMK consistently implements programmes aimed at motivating personnel to perform efficiently; at creating the conditions for professional growth; at providing career progress for the best workers; and at attracting talented young and experienced qualified experts to the Company.


NLMK’s personnel motivation policy is focused on ensuring a competitive level of labour compensation that is in line with increased production output, increased labour productivity, and management structure improvements.

Improvements in compensation arrangements within the Company are based on the development and application of fair and exact criteria for monetary remuneration, which would take into account the utmost contribution of all divisions and every individual employee to the common cause.

Alongside material incentives, NLMK utilizes a system of non-material incentives for the employees. Elements of this system include extensive career growth opportunities, professional contests and competitions and individual and collective rewards and bonuses.

Alongside professional competitions, NLMK holds annual contests for young specialists to stimulate personal and professional growth among young workers.

Key principles and approaches in the area of social support are regulated by the collective agreement adopted in the Company. Social packages include provisions for employee health and welfare, catering and recreation, occupational health and safety, motherhood and childhood support, support for pensioners, veterans, and further social incentives for the best workers as well as a variety of social payments.

Health and welfare

The health and welfare of NLMK employees is an important focus of the Company’s social activities. A key emphasis is placed on forming a welfare culture, the need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Employees have the opportunity to use gyms located at NLMK facilities, to get discounts on memberships to swimming pool and fitness centres and to participate in sports events organized by the company.

One of the most popular sports events is the "NLMK Olympics” with over 3,500 participants from among the employees. It is held throughout the year in sixteen sports and is the largest year-round sports event of Lipetsk region.

To carry out regular preventive examinations of workers and the provision of quality health services NLMK has created a non-profit organization "Novolipetsk Medical Centre”. NLMK employees have the opportunity to make annual visits to health resorts and spas, both locally in "Sukhoborye” and “Parus” resorts, and in other regions of the country.

Summer camps are organized each year for the children of NLMK employees. Employees are granted subsidized vouchers for the rest of their children in the health camp "Prometheus", belonging to the mill. In the summer of 2015, "Prometheus" hosted over 1,600 children, including 900 children of NLMK employees.