Students and schoolchildren

NLMK is interested in a high level of training of its future employees, so educational programmes cover all age groups: from school to the higher education, from undergraduate programmes to onboarding programmes for young workers.


students annually participate in NLMK's activities


students participate annually in NLMK's corporate programmes and events

Graduates of educational institutions, accepted no later than two months after their graduation and who have had internship at the plant receive "installation grant" depending on the level of professional education, as well as additional payments for three years.

Additional vocational training for LSTU students

The programme of additional vocational training for the students of Lipetsk State Technical University at the production site is aimed at developing and obtaining in-depth professional knowledge and skills, adaptation to work in Novolipetsk Steel. Specialists and plant managers are involved in classes at the production units. During their training, the participants of the programme receive a stipend from the plant. Each of them is guaranteed future employment at the enterprise.


jobs are reserved for graduates annually

NLMK Student

Financial support in the form of tuition or additional scholarships from NLMK for the graduates of Lipetsk schools who entered leading universities of Russia as a full-time student. Special Commission supporting education in the leading universities of Russia each year selects talented children from among school graduates to participate in the programme. Participation in the programme ensures future employment in the companies of NLMK Group.

>5 000

students annually intern at NLMK

NLMK Scholarship for Lipetsk State Technical University students

Thirty best students of Lipetsk State Technical University are awarded "NLMK Scholarships” annually. Scholarship holders enjoy excursions and meetings with the executives of the plant, professional trainings, and the students are invited to conferences and competitions that NLMK organizes for its employees.

Vocational guidance for schoolchildren

NLMK has collaborated with 72 general educational institutions of the region. Since 2012 under the initiative of NLMK Lipetsk has organized specialized physics and mathematical classes for nine year graduates, who are focused on entering leading Russian universities to major in technical professions with a view to future employment at NLMK. There are four classes like this already.

NLMK cooperates with institutions of supplementary education: “Novolipetsky” Centre for Technical Creativity, “Quantorium” children's technopark, Centre for Additional Education of the Lipetsk Region, "Strategy” Centre for Support of Talented Children.

"Novolipetsky" offers classes in shipbuilding, air and railway modeling, robotics, electronics and electrical engineering. Students receive training in milling and turning work on CNC machines, prototyping. In 2017 NLMK launched a project to establish a "Material Science” laboratory in "Quantorium” Technopark.

NLMK provides expert support to the municipal and regional stages of the "All-Russian Design Competition for Schoolchildren" in the following areas: "Mechanical engineering", "Human security", "Big data and machine learning".

The centres of technical creativity give students an opportunity to try themselves in different professions and fields of activity, to participate in scientific and educational research work.

Informational and educational activities

NLMK employees regularly give tours to the museum and structural divisions of NLMK. NLMK's basic educational institutions (Lipetsk Polytechnic College, Lipetsk Metallurgical College, and Lipetsk State Technical University) organize "Welcome Days” for schoolchildren. There are regular meetings with the heads and specialists of NLMK. NLMK representatives participate in school parent meetings. During the summer, NLMK holds career guidance shifts for schoolchildren at children's camp "Prometheus". Each year, over 10,000 schoolchildren participate in such events.

Educational programmes

NLMK implements educational projects for schoolchildren: High school students are trained under the programme "Internet-vacation "Amusing metallurgy ", technical creativity clubs are organized. Schools of professional skills and of young steelmaker operate in basic educational institutions. Upon graduation from such schools, the children consciously choose technical professions and specialities and enter vocational schools.

NLMK trains high school students with high potential, the winners and laureates of municipal and regional Olympiads in natural sciences and mathematics. Graduates of Physical and Mathematical Classes NLMK enter the leading universities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, choosing technical specialities, popular in NLMK. Annually, about 400 schoolchildren participate in educational events held by NLMK.


Schoolchildren win in the quizzes on the plant knowledge, competitions of drawings and technical creativity, dedicated to NLMK, develop their potential in acquiring the first skills in research work, participating in scientific conferences held by NLMK. Over 300 schoolchildren participate in competitive events each year.