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16 March 2020

NLMK Lipetsk announces additional safety measures against COVID-19

NLMK Lipetsk, NLMK Group’s flagship site in Russia, has implemented additional safety measures to protect its employees while ensuring continuity of production amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employees returning from countries that have suffered widespread outbreaks of COVID-19 are encouraged to self-quarantine at home and given the opportunity to work remotely. While the pandemic is ongoing, the company has committed to provide remuneration for all sick leave taken due to respiratory diseases at the full salary amount.

The Company has suspended international business travel for its staff and restricted access for foreign specialists. Drivers and forwarders are issued protective medical masks upon arrival at NLMK's customs clearance station and site perimeter gates that handle international freight. A separate room for incoming drivers and forwarders is being set up

Selective body temperature measurements are being taken at the points of entry to the NLMK Lipetsk site and office premises. Communal areas have been supplied with sanitizer dispensers and disinfectants. Contactless alcohol testers are now disinfected four times per day.

Gatherings of staff are being reduced through adjustments to shift schedules and the working hours of administrative staff and catering facilities. The number of in-person meetings has been reduced and meetings with a large number of attendees are being held via video conferencing.

Guidance materials are being handed out to in-house and contractor staff to raise awareness of the necessary preventive measures.